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Episode 6: Old School
November 08, 2012 08:33 AM PST

Another gem for the Tools of Ignorance gentlemen! We present to you the sixth edition of the show. On this week's show, Jonah and Hudson discuss Jason "Sittin' On The Dock Of The" Bay, Yasmani Grandal and the Padres' chances to compete in 2013. In the middle segment of the show the crew responds to your emails! (If you want your emails read and responded to on the show, reach out to us at There's a pretty intensive discussion on Astros' prospects and the depth of their farm system, then a conversation about a few free agents and possible landing spots for them.

Be sure to check out the band from this week's show, The Mondays. If you or someone you know has a band and you'd like your music played on the show, just give us a shout at We sincerely thank you for listening and hope you enjoy the show!

Episode 5: He Totally Fought In The Civil War
October 25, 2012 08:53 AM PDT
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Another fantasmical edition of the Tools of Ignorance podcast is in the books. This week Jonah and Hudson talked about the spectacle that was Game 1 of the World Series, then continued last week's Rangers discussion with Jason Parks (@ProfessorParks). That discussion spilled into some Hunter Pence chatter, and the internet will most assuredly enjoy Jason's observations. Before the listeners come to the sad, sad ending of the show, Hudson and Jonah preview the rest of the World Series and talk briefly about each pitching matchup. 

If you'd like to email the show, you can send your thoughts, questions, and relationship problems to! As always, be sure to check out The Mondays, whose music you hear in between segments. Enjoy the show!

Episode 4: If Anyone Could, Tim Kurkjian Could
October 19, 2012 09:55 AM PDT

The Tools of Ignorance podcast is back! This week, it's just Jonah and Hudson talking about baseball, a Tarantino film, and the general awesomeness of the Tools of Ignorance podcast. 

As always, you can give Hudson (@hudsonbelinsky) and Jonah (@jonah8264) a follow on the Twitter. Another big thanks to The Mondays for providing this week's music. Next week's show promises to be meatier, as an apology to the six or seven loyal listeners who had to fill an extra hour last week. 

Enjoy the show!

Episode 3: Movin' Out
October 03, 2012 02:23 PM PDT

Halfway through the trek to the milestone that will (we hope) be Episode 6, Jonah and Hudson discuss a cadre of baseball-related subjects, including Adam Greenberg's first at-bat, Melky Cabrera's being benched for the playoffs, the Oakland A's and Baltimore Orioles, and a pair of playoff rotations.

The third guest in podcast history is Ben "The Boss" Lindbergh! Ben (@ben_lindbergh), the Editor-in-Chief of Baseball Prospectus, chats about the unpredictability of this season for both Oakland and Baltimore, a bit about what we might expect to see in their playoff rotations, and whether or not the Mayan calculations are correct in assuming the world's demise later this year. 

After a brief diatribe about their college diets and Mad Men, Hudson and Jonah say goodbye, you cry, and begin the week-long journey towards happiness. Good night, and good luck!

Episode 2: Gubernatorial
September 26, 2012 06:10 AM PDT

We're halfway to four episodes! This week's show kicks off with a conversation about Dylan Bundy (4:15) and his MLB debut at the young, young age of 19. Jonah and Hudson talk about Bundy's repertoire and upside, then reveal the secret to being as good as Dylan Bundy (not really). 

After the Bundy talk, the Tools are joined by Mark Gonzales (@mdgonzales), the White Sox beat writer for the Chicago Tribune. Mark talks a little bit about the odd year in the AL Central, where the ChiSox stand, and where he thinks that might stand in shortly over a week from now. Big thanks to Mark!

When Hudson and Jonah say goodbye to Mark, they go on to discuss the race in the AL Central and make a few predictions of their own (27:04). Next, we have a conversation about Heath Bell's comments and the bigger picture in Miami (36:39). Finally, the tools discuss Torii Hunter Jr.'s commitment to playing football and baseball at Notre Dame (47:00). 

Before closing the show, Jonah and Hudson talk about Hudson's experience of watching the first episode of Mad Men. Hudson will watch the show throughout the existence of this podcast, so if you're interested in his reactions, be sure to continue downloading!

Huge shout out to The Mondays for allowing us to use their music in the breaks of the show. If you enjoy them, be sure to check out their work. Also, if one hour of Jonah and Hudson wasn't enough for you, you can follow each of them on Twitter at @jonah8264 and at @hudsonbelinsky. Enjoy this week's show and we'll be back with even more next week!

Episode One: Regression Punch!
September 21, 2012 02:51 PM PDT

In a complicated world of baseball analysis, often times the most enjoyable approach is one of ignorance. Jonah Birenbaum and Hudson Belinsky bring you a casual approach to baseball analysis, shielding you from overanalysis, and attempting to make this great game even more fun. This show is designed to stimulate intriguing conversation, mostly related to baseball. 

On the inaugural edition of the Tools of Ignorance podcast, Hudson and Jonah talk about this year's Angels (4:37) and Jays (8:23) and the direction both clubs are moving in. Later on (22:12), Dirk Hayhurst (@TheGarfoose) joins the duo to discuss his transition to journalism, the Yunel Escobar issue, and his reasons for blocking Jonah on Twitter. After Dirk's segment, Jonah and Hudson discuss a few unexpected bubble teams in the NL Wild Card race (46:41). Finally, you get to hear about the tools' weekend plans, which include another sport. Listen to the end to find out!

Be sure to follow Jonah (@jonah8264) and Hudson (@hudsonbelinsky) on Twitter, as well as check out Dirk's work at If you enjoy the music in between segments, be sure to check out The Mondays! Thanks for downloading and enjoy the show!

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